How to get email notifications for new responses in Google Forms?

Open your form in Google Forms > Click Responses > Click More ⋮ icon > Enable Get email notifications for new responses.

Limitations in using Google Forms email notifications

  1. The form responses are not included in these emails. You will have to open the Google Forms to view the response.
  2. To notify other users in your team, you will have to add them as collaborators in Google Forms and ask them to enable email notifications.

Alternatives: Use Mailrecipe email notifications addon

In the above image, the screenshot on the left is that of a notification email sent by Google Forms. It only shows that there is a new response with a link to view the response in Google Forms. The screenshot on the right is that of a notification email sent by Mailrecipe. It shows the form response along with any instructions that you have configured in the email.

To learn how to send customized notification emails using Mailrecipe, click here.