How to automatically send email notifications in Google Forms?

Open your Google Forms > Click on the Settings ⚙️ icon > Enable Collect email addresses > Enable Response receipts.

Limitations in using response receipts in Google Forms

  1. You cannot customize the notification email sent to form respondents. It only includes a copy of the response submitted by them.
  2. Email address will be the first field in the form if response receipts is enabled. This is not ideal for a lot of use cases.

Alternatives: Use Mailrecipe email notifications addon

In the above image, the screenshot on the left is that of a response receipts sent by Google Forms. It shows the four fields in the form along with the respective answers. The screenshot on the right is that of a confirmation email sent by Mailrecipe. It has a custom message to add more context and what users can expect.

To learn how to send customized confirmation messages using Mailrecipe, click here.