CRM email for startups

Large companies can afford to send mass email that end up in their user's promotions tab. But you can't! As a startup, your every user counts and you need to have one-to-one communication with them. If you use existing email marketing services, your email will end up in promotion's tab and your users will never see them. Use Mailrecipe to send your email to their primary tab and invite them to have an one-on-one conversation with you. Talk to your users to build a great product!

Welcome email

Initiate conversation with your new users

Your marketing manager tell you that the users are getting multiple emails from your app. Before you find the problem, they are flooded with emails and the unsubscription rate goes through the roof. It was a simple case of try/catch block retrying an idempotent method, except the email call inside it is not idempotent. With mailrecipe, you can avoid this nightmare forever. When you go through our API, your users will not get more than 1 email per day, irrespective of how your system is designed.

Abondon email

Help your new users to experience the Aha moment

If you are a large company with different teams running different apps, emails sent from these apps not well co-ordinated. They send concurrent emails to the same user and overwhelm them. With our API, you don't have to worry about co-ordinating the teams, because our API guarantees 1 email per day limit.

Product update email

Engage with your users to reach product-market fit

You don't have change your emailing system to use our API. We support popular email delivery services - SendGrid and Google Cloud (if you want us to support others, write to us at The best part is Google Cloud email service is free when you use our API. So, give it a try right away.